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Forex Trading Courses

Equip yourself with the wisdom of practical ways and means that yield results.

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Online Share Forex Trading Courses

Stocks Investment Course

Broaden your scope of success by employing smart trading plans and techniques.

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Finance planning with best forex trading signals

Personal Finance Planning

We help your money work for you through factual data and authentic financial advice.

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Augment Your Skills and Resources

All courses that we offer at Mithun's Money Market are aimed at helping you to sharpen your skills and thus ensure stabile progress.


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Trading Courses in India

Step in to trading education journey with courses in stocks, options, forex and more.

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Trading Courses in Dubai

Learn to trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Gold and more.

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About Mithun

Mithun Girishan is the founder of Mithun’s Money Market, a consulting firm providing quality courses and training programs in capital markets. He is an investor, trader, coach and a continuous learner. He is currently a technical analytics consultant to forex brokers in Dubai. In addition, Mithun provides consultation and mentorship to many retail investors...

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Advisor for Online Trading Academy Dubai

Why choose us?

Experienced team providing online forex trading course

Experienced Team

All services and courses are offered by highly experienced team with global exposure. Every advice that we give goes through a rigorous validity check.

Professional Online Forex Trading course

Professional Approach

We believe a high standard of work ethics and professional approach is required to ensure consistent success.

Dedicated Service by the best forex trading signals provider

Dedicated Service

We offer our zealous service in the form of information, advice, and assistance towards helping you achieve your trading goals.

High quality online forex trading course

Quality Conscious

We are a team with the highest degree of quality consciousness. We strive to offer best quality service in all areas of our work.

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"Favourable or unfavourable - Mithun taught me how to take advantage of every market situation. I am a lot more confident now.”

Electronics engineer, Infopark

"My understanding has now gone up after attending the course. Mithun showed me mistakes that other people made, so that I won’t make them myself.”

IT professional, Banglore

"Mithun was always available for all my doubts and queries. Simple, down-to-earth coach who is very pragmatic in his approach. These are the kind of courses that everyone should attend. There are no flashy elements, no over-the-top claims. Simple, straightforward. I liked it 100%!”

Online Forex Trading Course testimonial

Adminstrative Professional, Dubai

"Very professional, I would say. In a short span, I learnt so much about trading. Thank you Mithun for everything that you have taught me. You have changed my life for the good. I am now using the same strategies in my life situations too!”

School Teacher

"Mithuns strategies and ideas in forex trading helped me to increase my confidence in currency trading. after attending his forex trading course, i am now able to make decent profit ”

IT professional, Technopark, Tvm

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