Course Syllabus

We offer the most practical and useful online forex trading course that will enable you to improve your skills & knowledge and take your performance to a whole new level that will yield consistent profits.

Through our forex online courses, you will learn everything that is needed to become a successful professional trader.

  • Develop good understanding of success principles in forex trading
  • Develop the mindset of a winning trader
  • Learn to spot trading opportunities that most traders miss
  • Learn to formulate impeccable trading strategies
  • Learn to execute your trading strategies with precision

What is Forex Market

The masses are not aware of the income generation opportunities in Forex market. This module introduces the participant to forex markets and major players, the pros and cons of becoming a trader

  • Introduction to forex, stock, commodities and indices market?
  • Basic functioning of markets
  • Introduction to trading platforms
  • First steps in trading


Technical perspective of market

This webinar discusses key parameters to predict the movement of forex market. The attendee gets a clear view of the trends in a market by observing the charts. Also, (s)he becomes skilled in identifying the resistance and support levels.

  • Key parameters in a chart
  • Identifying market trends
  • Visualizing resistances and supports


Recognizing patterns in forex charts

This module introduces a basic pattern of forex market. The attendee becomes skilled in identifying basic patterns on trading charts. Additionally, (s)he will be taught to utilize the identified patterns to enter into trades with improved success rate.

  • What is a candle stick
  • Pattern A
  • Entering a trade
  • Examples


Additional trading techniques and management of risk

This module presents advanced patterns found in forex charts . The attendee becomes skilled in identifying such patterns found on trading charts. Also, (s)he is introduced to entering trades with increased success rate using these patterns. Further, the attendee is trained in basic risk and money management.

  • Pattern B
  • Pattern C
  • Distribution pattern in charts
  • Accumulation pattern in charts
  • Using patterns to enter high success probability trade setups
  • Introduction to management of risk and money


Joint foundation group

Wish to trade with a confident and clear mind. Join this program.

  • Clarification of doubts
  • Supporting trading on common trading platform
  • Assistance for live trading
  • Intraday signals package for 1 Month is included
  • 3 Months subscription of Risk Manager is included


League mentorship

You wish to have a consultation with a master trader to hone your in trading? Consider becoming a member of our league mentorship scheme.

  • Mentoring in a group for a month
  • Assistance for live trading
  • Signal package GOLD for a month is included
  • 6 months subscription of Risk Manager is included


Personal mentorship

You wish to interact with a master trader and learn art of trading at your pace? Consider joining our ultimate mentorship scheme.

  • Modules A to E are taught one-to-one
  • Medium of education can be selected: English or Malayalam
  • One-to-one mentorship for two months
  • Evaluation of trading journal
  • Assistance for live trading
  • Trades are reviewed on request
  • Signal package GOLD for 1 month is included
  • 12 months subscription of Risk Manager is included


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