One of the main reasons for traders faltering in their performance is they are not following strategies that suit their personality traits. As a result, many traders are not able to yield optimum results from the trading strategies that they follow. Adopting a trading style that does not come to you naturally invariably gives fewer … Continue reading “FOLLOW YOUR OWN TEMPERAMENT”


We have often heard people say that trading is not gambling. Experts have a unanimous opinion when it comes to the difference of these two. They opine that trading is a systematic method that you learn seriously although it involves an element of what they call an “informed intuition.” However, what actually happens in real … Continue reading “ARE YOU SLIPPING YOUR WAY TO GAMBLING?”

The Knowing vs Doing Gap

TAKING CUES FROM THE DIVINE SONG “You speak like someone knowledgeable but behaves just the opposite.“ This is an observation that Krishna makes about Arjuna. All his intellectual talk vanished to thin air when Arjuna, the mighty warrior, faced the army in the battlefield. Now pause for a moment, and look inside – do we … Continue reading “The Knowing vs Doing Gap”


Bygones are bygones! Forget how you performed in 2018. Prepare yourselves for an amazing journey in 2019. Take a firm New Year Resolve that you are going to trade smarter than ever before! We all know from our past experiences that giant resolutions are not gonna work. So let us keep it simple and dimple. … Continue reading “7 KILLER STRATEGIES TO OPEN YEAR 2019”

Price Action Trading – The Key That Opens A Whole New World Of Success

Have you ever thought about the methods and strategies that are followed by banks and huge financial institutions that make consistent gains out of forex/stock market? You will be surprised to know that they seldom depend on indicators; instead, they focus almost entirely on what is called Price Action Trading. Why? Because they know that … Continue reading “Price Action Trading – The Key That Opens A Whole New World Of Success”

How To Use Price Action With Forex News?

Ever wondered how expert traders in the forex market are making commendable gains pretty easily? Well, the reason is simple – they view things differently! This is especially true when it comes to news releases. Therefore, I will dedicate this session to sharing with you how to make your forex trading easier by making the … Continue reading “How To Use Price Action With Forex News?”

Way of the Trader – One Week, One Shot

Great lessons are always learnt from nature. Nature still remains the biggest and the best teacher of mankind. But, are there any lessons that traders can learn from nature? The answer is a big YES! Legend has it that once when a monk was taking stroll in the woods, he saw a crane and a snake … Continue reading “Way of the Trader – One Week, One Shot”

Fabulous Win by MMM Student

Mithun’s Money Market continues its success story. Look at the images below, what a fantastic win by MMM student! This is the story of a trainee who underwent share/forex trading training along with 3 months’ mentorship program offered by Mithun’s Money Market. After completing the mentorship program, he went on to invest $2,000 and started … Continue reading “Fabulous Win by MMM Student”

Dare To Think Beyond A Regular Job?

A concerning conversation with youngsters Last month, I was addressing a group of youngsters who approached me to learn how to make money online. When I inquired their primary reason for this move, I was surprised to find that even after 10 years into their respective jobs, they have not been able to close their educational loan! … Continue reading “Dare To Think Beyond A Regular Job?”