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Most companies now require fewer or no employees at all because of automation. Today, we see self-serving kiosks and automated service systems in malls, supermarkets, etc. As a result of this, millions of people are now switching occupations and striving to acquire new skills.

So the burning question here is how will you automation-proof your career?

  1. Focus on areas that cannot be replaced by automation or AI
  2. Identify how automation and AI can be used to your advantage in that career

In short, a right blend will make matters easy for you.

So what are they? Brains & Mobiles!

Now how can you combine both of them to take your earnings to next level? Well, while there are several options, the best and by far the most rewarding is that of Forex Trading. Because it is a high-ticket skill that cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence.

“What? But that is already automated!” Isn’t this what you are thinking?

Well, it is true that plenty of automated forex trading systems are now available. But if you look at the real experts, you will find that they still depend on their own intelligence than artificial intelligence. Why is this so?

Reason #1:

Forex trading is not a repetitive task, it is a dynamic task. There is plenty of human psychology involved. A lot of parameters are also involved in forex trading. It is an area where informed intuition, market emotions, international news, etc. play a significant role. So, this is something that artificial intelligence cannot comprehend and foresee with accuracy. Kant

Thus, embracing artificial intelligence alone is not a good bet in forex trading.

Blending The Organic & Artificial Brain

However, at the same time, one can make wise use of automation to reduce unnecessary labour work and time wastage, especially when it comes to mathematical analysis, etc. This is where the blending of organic brain and artificial brain becomes relevant.


Forex trading has the additional advantage of freeing oneself from hassles like dealing with office politics, incompetent team, non-cooperating boss, traffic jams, etc. Or in other words, you only need to deal with your own brain!

Having a state-of-the-art smart phone is enough to do high-calibre forex trading. As forex market works round the clock, your location, time of trade, etc. are immaterial.

Thus, with forex trading, you not only elevate yourself to a higher level, but you also regain what you lost in the form of free time, family time, health, happiness, freedom, flexibility, etc.

However, many people, including experts, make a common pitfall when they turn to forex trading.

  • They work on increasing income rather than increasing skills.

And in this process, they take up unnecessary stress making their journey to consistent income a challenging one.

Ideally, anyone who is a skilled professional, as a general rule, must take their eyes off of income and fix them on continuously improving their skills. Because your skill is the only thing you have got full control on. There is unlimited potential to developing your forex trading skills. This is because unlike other fields of work, here you do not earn income based on the number of hours you invest. Here, you are making your money work. This simply means that sky is the limit when it comes to earning through forex trading.

A unique feature of this high-ticket skill is that forex trading is not just one isolated skill. It is a combination of many invaluable skills like risk management, money management, decision making, problem solving, etc. So by learning forex trading skills, you get to master many life-changing skills.

In other words, you are investing in acquiring an invaluable skill set and not just another skill. You reap life-long benefits. The skill you master can be used throughout your life irrespective of where you live.

In short, forex trading skill is a:

  • Skill that transform your life
  • Skill that bring high income
  • Skill that changes how others look at you

Excited? Then it is time to look into the best way of acquire this high-ticket skill.

The whole process of mastering the forex skills can be divided into two:

  1. Getting Formal Training: Attend a formal professional forex trading course – a course that will teach you what others do not teach, especially about money management and fostering your trading skills.
  2. Honing Your Skills: Fine tune your skills under the supervision of a professional mentor to suite your unique style and temperament. Here, an in-depth analysis is done to find your strong points, areas where you need to work on, and so on. Based on that, the mentor helps you to choose a unique combination of strategies that will make you a highly skilled forex trader – with the right skill set.

When it comes to forex, the faster you learn, faster you earn. So rethink the way you make money!

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