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Great lessons are always learnt from nature. Nature still remains the biggest and the best teacher of mankind. But, are there any lessons that traders can learn from nature? The answer is a big YES!

Legend has it that once when a monk was taking stroll in the woods, he saw a crane and a snake engaged in a fierce fight. Both of them had different fighting strategies. While the snake kept on attacking, attempting to bite one after the other; the crane remained patient, waited for the right opportunity, and struck the head of the snake using its beaks. Though the attacks of the crane were very few in number, every strike landed exactly on the snake’s head and soon the snake lost the fight and its life.

Why did the crane win? Why did the snake lose?

Well, by making repeated unplanned and unsuccessful attacks, the snake lost its energy while crane wisely preserved all its energy and attacked the most important part of the snake with precision when it got the right opportunity.

This is exactly what traders in share and forex market should do! Success in trading is not determined by the volume of trade that you do, but by its quality. You don’t need to do hundreds of trade a week to make gains from the market. Instead, one good trade a week is only what is needed.

Yes! – ONE WEEK, ONE SHOT – that’s the way of the master trader!

So now comes the most important question –


You can do this by emulating the same strategies that the crane employed in its fight against the snake.

• Preserve Your Resources: First of all, the crane had enough power within it to attack the snake; it preserved its power by not engaging in unnecessary attempts. Similarly, this minimalistic trading strategy works best when you have solid resources with you. Your resources are your money, time, and energy. Do not waste them by over-trading. With a good set of resources, one good trade will bring you huge profits.

• Mind Your Mind: Next, you should be emotionally disciplined like the crane. The crane did not lose its cool seeing the repeated attacks of the snake. It kept itself calm and composed. It waited patiently for the right opportunity. Similarly, your mind should also not fluctuate seeing the happenings in the market. You should wait patiently and observe the market with great focus to identify the right opportunity to enter and place the trade. To make the right decision, you may use the trading plans and check lists that Mithun has prepared for you.

• Plan Your Act: Another key factor for the crane’s success was that it had a well-thought out plan for attack. The crane was very clear in its mind that it is going to attack the most vital part of the snake – the head. Similarly, you should also have clarity regarding the plan that you are going to adopt for your minimalistic trading. Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program teaches you many workable strategies which you can learn with ease. You may use any of those and chart out a plan for your trade.

• Act Your Plan: Having a great strategy alone will not bring you results. Equally important is how you execute the plan. The crane won because none of its strikes missed the target. Likewise, you should also execute your plan with surgical precision. This requires professional execution skills. This is exactly the reason why Mithun’s share/forex trading training program comes with an additional two-month mentoring support wherein the participants perfect their execution skills with the help of experts. If you are not a professionally trained trader, you would do better if you undergo any such training.

Now let us look into some examples of such trading using the crane strategy.

Example #1

Shown below is the screenshot of Australian Dollar. I gave clear tips on what is to be expected in the coming days.

As expected, the price went up from this level. It moved a whooping 1800 points! Those who paid heed to my advice benefitted big time from this movement.

Example #2

Here is another example of Swiss Franc. This happened last Friday. As always, I gave advice on what to expect and how to move about in the coming days.

And the price moved as expected. Once again, those who gave ear to my advice stood to gain big time. Shown below is the performance of one such trader who gained from this strategy. The trader made a handsome gain of INR 2,00,000 with just one trade. This is the power of the crane strategy – just one single shot at the right time!

If all the steps discussed above are taken correctly, results are bound to occur. With this minimalistic trading strategy, you will be placing only 52 trades a year, but that will be bringing you more profits than several unfocussed and unplanned attempts.

A thorough knowledge of these strategies and perfectly honed execution skills are the key to success here.

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