Mithun’s Success Story

Mithun's success story

A journey through the ups and downs of a successful trader

Here’s the story of an ordinary man who achieved great success in the share/forex market. Mithun was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but to an orthodox family and had a very modest upbringing. He had nothing exciting or extraordinary in his life to claim about.

But today, Mithun is a trading hero. He is a perfect example of how to become financially successful in life without investing lots of money.

How did Mithun become successful at trading? What helped him to surge ahead in this field? If you are curious to know about all these, then read on – you are about to know realistic story of how a common man – like our next door neighbor – got to the elite trading class through his own perseverence and attitude.

Phase I – The Beginning

Since his early childhood, Mithun was someone who believed in his own abilities. In fact, he believes that anybody can achieve anything if given proper time and effort. So, taking inspiration from his mother, he decided to go ahead in the field of stock/forex trading.

Mithun might not have had a million when he decided to trade high, but what what he had was a perfect game plan. He took his time and decided to prepare thoroughly. He attended trainings in different parts of the world. But he knew that that was not enough. So he undertook a daunting task of analyzing the thinking pattern and trading style of successful traders around the world. This careful analysis helped him to conclude crucial factors that lead to his success at forex/stock market. We may call this the first phase of Mithun’s journey to becoming a successful trader.

Phase II – Self-Mentoring

Having identified these attributes, he then started the painstaking journey of building those attributes in himself. He changed his trading style, developed a trading philosophy of his own, and started following it and perfecting it. This slowly started showing results. These results encouraged him. He developed new strategies for trading in different markets. Soon, outstanding results began to show up. Mithun says there was no looking back from that point onwards. Within a reasonable time, he achieved the numbers that he had set as standard for defining his financial success.

Phase III – Mentoring Others

However, Mithun was not contented with that. To quote him, “No success is real success unless you make changes in the lives of other people.” So he started thinking “How can I help others to make money like I do?” This led him to think about sharing his knowledge and skill with budding traders and those having a passion for trading but did not know what to do. He first started by giving tips to fellow traders and encouraging his friends to step into the world of stock trading. This attempt benefitted many people.

However, there was one major drawback for this. Mithun found that his fellow traders are heavily dependent on him and his tips for good performance. Moreover, these individual accounts were small and their expectations high. Giving personal attention to each of these individuals was an exhaustive task and drained him of his time and energy.

For a moment, he thought his decision to help others was not a good one and that it has backfired! But then he realized an important thing – to quote him, “I realized that I was simply giving them fish instead of teaching them how to fish!” So he decided to change his strategy. He adopted a two-pronged approach:
• Mentor individuals to become expert traders who can trade on their own
This thought gave birth to what you see today as Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program.

• Use time and effort for managing corporate funds instead of individual funds
This thought helped him to progress further in his career.

Phase IV – Proprietary Trading

Mithun started managing corporate funds with good results. However, he wanted to challenge himself and achieve more. So he set a goal for 2016 and built a fool-proof strategy to achieve that. As a result, in 2016, Mithun showcased a stunning performance that helped him achieve his goal in 6 months! You may go through Mithun’s performance statistics for year 2016 given below:

This performance took him to the global level. Mithun became a trader that other global traders started looking up to and following. Seeing his consistent awesome performance, he was invited to Dubai by a reputed fund managing company to work as their propreitary trader! This really was a recognition for his skills and knowledge in the industry as a successful trader.

His experience as a proprietary trader gave him unique wisdom on forex trading. On identifying this, he wasted no time to include this in his Master Mentoring Program. This totally changed the results that his trainees got. They started showing consistent gains with minimal risks. Over the past two years, the results have only grown better and better – and now his training has reached a level where he has started producing traders who even doubled their investment in just 2 weeks!! You can see the performance of one such trader below:

So how does Mithun achieve such success? Let’s hear it from his own face.

“Well, there are no short-cuts to success. One has to learn different risk management, money management, and self-management in order to achieve success.”

He continued…. “I attribute my success to three main factors:
• The mentoring that I received – I was lucky to get trained by my mentors who had global exposure
• The systematic step-by-step method that I developed for risk minimization – I still follow that
• The higher level of emotional discipline that I maintain”

And he is teaching exact same things that he followed in his life to become a successful trader. He does not preach what he has not practiced. To quote him again, “If it worked for me, then it should work for others as well.”

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