Fabulous Win by MMM Student

Mithun’s Money Market continues its success story. Look at the images below, what a fantastic win by MMM student!

This is the story of a trainee who underwent share/forex trading training along with 3 months’ mentorship program offered by Mithun’s Money Market. After completing the mentorship program, he went on to invest $2,000 and started trading in the forex market. Applying the skills & strategies he picked up at the mentoring session, he made a profit of $700!! (Around INR 50,000)

The results speak for themselves!

Mithun’s Money Market is redefining the winning habit of traders around the world.

Success Secrets of Mithun’s Money Market Traders

So, how do our traders attain such awesome success?

The answer is simple – They cultivate certain habits and follow certain notable strategies of successful traders. Here are three of them.

Success Secret #1 –Winners Use Check Lists & Trading Plan

Winners will always have a plan for everything they do. Our traders use the Winners’ Check List and Trading Plan devised by Mithun’s Money Market for both forex as well as stock market.

So, how does it work?

This basically evaluates every trading setup and separates the favorable ones from the unfavorable ones. Different criteria to initiate a share/forex trade are listed therein. The trader will then evaluate a given market situation by assigning numerical values to each criterion. If the sum total of all these numerical values goes beyond 80th percentile, then they enter the market and initiate the trade. The result would be a winning transaction!

Success Secret #2 – Winners Use Plenty of Psychology

Trading is an area where psychology plays an important role. A firm grip on psychology and behavior patterns will help traders to restrict failures to the minimum. A good trader therefore carefully observes and strives to inculcate habits of highly successful share/forex traders.

Winners use psychology in two different ways:

  • They strive to understand how their mind works and transforms it to change their thinking habits to suit the market conditions.
  • They try to anticipate how other traders in the market would think and behave in a given situation, and based on that, they make their wise decisions.

This is an important factor that gives them a winning edge over others.

Success Secret #3 – Winners Use Intuition Appropriately

Another important factor that distinguishes consistent winners from their counterparts is their ability to make good use of their gut feelings. This is a skill that cannot be taught completely. Successful traders and mentors can only share their experiences so as to give an idea to others on how to use their intuition. Seasoned traders, through their observation and experience, learn how to use the right proportion of intuition in trading. They appropriately integrate their intuition and inference together – or in other words, use both sides of their brain together to strike a winning note.

These are some of the strategies that winners use to ensure long term consistent results. These are time-tested formulae of success. Applying them appropriately will definitely bring in favorable results.

In A Nutshell…..

If you are not getting consistent favorable results, then it is time to ask yourself two important questions:–

  • “Am I using these successful strategies in my trade?”
  • “Do I have the attributes of a successful trader?”

These are two queries that have the potential to change your life!

If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of these questions, then it is time for you to execute a corrective plan.

Come, join us! We will help you foster these winning attributes through our Master Mentoring Program.