My #1 Trading Strategy – Swing Trading

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is the number 1 method that has brought me profits. And so today, I will tell you about this wonderful trading method. This applies to stocks, commodity as well as forex markets.

First of all, I’ll tell you what the term ‘swing trading’ means.

Swing trading is a trading method wherein the stock/forex trader holds the assets for more than a day in order to make profit from the price changes. The price of a stock, as you know, always keeps on changing – sometimes it goes up and at other times it comes down. This upward and downward movement of the price of a stock is called price changes. A ‘swing therefore is nothing but the complete movement of the price (or change of price) of a stock from one point to another (or from one price to another.) This movement can be either an upward movement (when the price of a stock rises) or a downward movement (when the price of a stock falls.) Based on this swing, the trader determines whether to buy or sell a particular stock.

The chart given below will help you to understand this concept better.

Image result for swing trading

In swing trading, the trader patiently waits for the right opportunity to enter/exit the stock market. Hence, this is also called ‘opportunistic trading.’ A swing trader analyses swing charts and identifies the best time to buy a stock. Then he waits patiently for the next best opportunity to sell the same. This waiting period may vary anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Image result for stock market is a device

As the trader does not do the trading frequently, but rather kept to the minimum, this method is also called “minimalist trading.” In other words, in swing trading, the trader makes money by ‘sitting’ and not trading.

Image result for money is made by sitting not trading

Now let’s come back to how you can profit from this stock trading strategy.

How to do swing trading?

Do you know how I use this method? I anticipate the next movement of price or ‘swing’ of a particular stock in the market and make my decision to buy or sell accordingly. And my anticipation in more than 90% cases comes true!


Because I anticipate the movement by analyzing these things:

  • Price trends
  • Present levels
  • Stock charts
  • Chart patterns

Reading and interpreting these things help me to rightly anticipate the next movement or ‘swing’ of the price of a particular stock.

This is a skill that can be learnt. Hence, I teach them to passionate traders across the world through my master mentoring program.

Why I recommend swing trading?

I recommend swing trading because,

  • You need to spend only less time
  • You need to pay only less brokerage fees
  • You get more solid money
  • You are not stressed up
  • You get more clarity in your decisions
  • You get a better overview about the market

Now I will show you some interesting charts.

The 2 charts below shows the ‘swing’or movement of price. Look at the price of the stock in the first chart.

Idea – 2016 – Monthly Chart (Old)

swing trading

Based on my interpretation and anticipation, I had provided weekly updates to my clients of the right time to act. Those who took my advice gained a return of 76% on this swing. See the chart below:

Idea – 2016 – Monthly Chart (New)

swing trading

Now do you realize what swing trading can do to your money?

Wait…. don’t go…. I will show you one more example.

Look at the price of this stock.

Crude Oil – 2017 – Monthy Chart (Old)

swing trading

Now look at what happened to the price after 3 weeks.

The price moved from 55 levels to 61 in a complete swing movement. It has extended that move even to 66. My clients, who are experts in pyramiding techniques, easily compounded their equity.

Crude Oil – 2018 – Monthy Chart (New)

swing trading

……….. And if that’s not enough, then here is yet another one!

Asian Paints – 2017 – Daily Chart (Old)

swing trading

This was the initial position.

Asian Paints – 2018 – Daily Chart (New)

swing trading

And this is what happened after a week. The price moved and gained a return of 6% in just 1 week!

This is the reason why I recommend swing trading to you all. This is the best method of stock trading whereby you can multiply your money.

I will summarize the advantages here for you:

  • Swing trading needs only 1-2 hours for analyzing and trading. So, there is no need to sit for longer hours in front of the computer.
  • Swing trading involves very few transactions. So, you incur less cost with respect to brokerage, taxes, etc.
  • Swing trading can be done without resigning your job. So, you can use swing trading as a secondary source of income.

And the most encouraging thing is that this method can be learnt fast! I have handpicked the best practices from my 10 years of experience in this field and converted them into a result-oriented trading course. It will give you better results than any other method available. It will help you multiply your income faster. Try it out yourself!

Mithun’s Success Story With Stock Trading

Today, I will share my story with you. This is the story of my journey from making losses to tripling my income every year. This is the story of how stock trading changed my life…… and how it can change your life too!

How It All Started?

I am Mithun Girishan, an ex-software engineer by profession. I grew up watching my mom trading in stock market. This kindled my interest in stock market from a very early stage. But the one thing that really motivated me to enter into stock trading was when my mom built the first floor of my house exclusively from the sales proceeds of her shares in a banking company. This is when I realized how valuable and how profitable stock trading is. This was a great motivator…. And it changed my life.

Initial Days In Stock Trading

Soon, I started trading in stock market. Back in those days, there was no internet facility and no TV channels for traders. Information was hard to come by. So, I meticulously prepared notes based on the information gathered from newspapers, magazines, etc. I was making gains, but could not keep losses at bay. This is when I made two important realizations:

  • Stock trading is all about knowing when to enter and when to exit the stock market
  • 80% of stock trading is about perfect money management

That is when I decided not to rely entirely on broker’s tips and advises. I was convinced that I needed some professional grooming if I were to make sustainable gains.

Life-Changing Realizations

That was the time when I got placed in a reputed IT company. My career in this field took me to Singapore. This was a great opportunity for me to undergo some hardcore mentoring in stock trading. I enrolled myself for a stock trading course which gave me newer insights.

I learnt a couple of valuable lessons from this mentoring program:

  • Understanding how the price of a share moves is the key to success in stock markets
  • Understanding what happens at the backend is what helps you to make the right move

That’s when I decided to learn more about price action trading.

I used my free time to study the market behavior through price action charts. Soon, I developed my own method of reading and interpreting the charts. This made me independent and I started trading purely on this basis. It yielded unprecedented success! This boosted my confidence manifold. In fact, I should say that this strategy opened the gates to the world of professional trading to me.

The three important things that I realized at this stage were:

  • Trading indicators and brokers do not always give you all the tips you need
  • You actually don’t need the help of any trading indicators
  • Raw analysis is enough to make consistent gains

Stock Trading Success Followed

Then, there was no looking back. I started making consistent gains. My passion towards stock trading increased day by day. I wanted to devote more time for my passion and learn more about the markets. I realized that stock markets are a reflection of what happens in the world – know the market, know the world. So I decided to quit my job and devote my time fully for my passion.

This further increased my success. By 2016, I got 50 times my investment. This is the biggest success I have achieved in my life so far and the key factor in this was opportunistic trading based on my unique strategies.

Birth of Mentoring Program

Soon, my friends and colleagues, who were struggling with stock trading, started approaching me for stock tips. I was more than happy to share a few tips with them. It was something they have never heard before. And these tips proved to be very useful for them. It changed their life! They too started making profits without having to exert much and without having to spend hours and hours watching how stocks move.

Everyone liked my way of opportunistic trading. That is when I thought I should consolidate these tips and offer them as a mentoring program to interested people. That’s how the MMM Mentoring Program was born.

In my mentoring program,

  • I’ve included all my unique trading strategies that I have developed and tried over these years
  • I’ve presented the trading strategies in a simplified form so as to suit even a complete beginner

Since all these tips are made available through my mentoring program, it won’t take much time for anyone to start making gains from the share market.

This is my success story. Now I am able to double or triple my investment every year and have solid investments in many reputed companies all over the world. You too can achieve this fete if you follow my strategies. Are you interested? If yes, then click here to take the most important first step towards success.