Trading for part-time: learn the skill

Have you ever thought about trading for part time? Trading or investing in stocks is often perceived as a complex process with an attached high entry barrier. Most of the highly qualified professionals think this is not their cup of tea and only finance professionals with lengthy designations can do this. However, the truth is just the opposite.

A lot of us obtain various degrees from universities and strive to find a decent job in related fields. However, what about the uncertain times? We all are well cognizant of the risk this modern era contains.

It is worth a family safety to have a backup plan in case of any emergency regarding our job or career. However, we are reluctant to think about an extra skill to learn; here I am referring to trading and investing to generate a cash flow in addition to your existing business or job.

Before we go further, let me give a brief information about myself. I am Mithun Girishan an ex-software professional and had worked with some of the most reputed IT companies in India and abroad. I was not interested in a regular 9-6 job and had always felt something needed to be accomplished. My passion was into capital markets, and it started while I was studying engineering and it grew as a part-time activity while working. I found it interesting in picking the right stocks at the best value or discounted price and bought it as an investment. I understood the power of compounding and also invested in SIP’s. I maintain an investor community where we can share our experiences and investment ideas. The main turning point came when I learned the Price Action Trading, a form of technical analysis, from Singapore. Over a period of years, I honed my skills by trial and error, practicing the strategies, re-modeling and finally coming up with a customization that matched my personality. I have traded on my account and maintained a decent portfolio. Initially, I managed some clients’ money and delivered double digit proft returns annually and in some instance triple digits. By generating much capital, I began to trade solely for myself. When my business income exceeded my salary with sizable investment, I resigned from TCS.

Here, I am not telling you to quit your job and do trading alone. Having a comfortable job and doing trading is even better. Why I quit my job is because I am passionate about trading and don’t want to follow the usual routine stuff. The only difference between you and me might be some extraordinary passion in learning the markets and the curiosity to find out how the system works.

Now anyone with patience and ambition can trade and earn a living. Isn’t it amazing? Well, there are a lot of options obtainable for those who want to learn this skill and earn some extra money. Yes, you got me right, trading is a skill and it does not solely depend on luck. As people learn various skills, you can also learn the art of trading.

With a 360 degree change in technology and the increasing demand of exchange, a vast variety of careers are available for everyone in the trading market. Moreover, with globalization, the markets have become so interlinked that you barely have to worry about the top trading times.

So what does it mean? Well, it means that you can make a career in trading along with having a full-time job and still have time for your family. However, let me clear it to you that trading is not an effortless task. It demands a lot of endurance and patience to remain profitable in a long haul. You have to go into the depths of the market options available to understand and predict their movements. Where can all these be learnt? Well, that’s where I come in. There are many options available in the market for you to learn these trading skills.

I see many potential professionals working for some company where they are forced to do without an option or don’t know any other profession that equates or pays more than their present job. What I meant is that, the world is wide and we should only open our eyes to see the abundance around us. The capital markets are full of money exchanging hands from one to another. We should learn the art of making money in that deal. It’s that simple. For that, you need to learn the markets and its dynamics.

However, at I offer you a unique learning opportunity by providing you a training course which cuts down all the fluff. With the training courses at, you will be able to understand various aspects of the risks and also learn how to handle risks to make good profits. My training will induce confidence in you as a novice in this field. Do not hesitate to take this step.

My training courses are tailored to every individual needs and requirements. I offer a two-day workshop. However, if you want me to guide you for an extended period, I will happily do that in my two months long training and guidance program. Those who want personal mentorship, can also consult me.


Still, need some conviction? Here I have noted down some of the key benefits associated with the trading business. Have a glance at them and make up your mind for a much brighter future.

You are your own boss. You are not answerable to anyone else regarding your decision.
You do not have to follow only one path to gain success in trading or making money online as there is a variety of options available to succeed in this field.
You can choose your working hours. There is no need to be bound to a selected time slot.
There is no specific area requirement; you can work from your home or any part if the world.
A minuscule capital is required to start trading in Forex.
Fastest cash conversion method as you can convert the trades into cash whenever you want.
Little or no dependency on others for your success, you are the driver of your fate.
I am happy & proud that many of my clients who have spent their quality time learning and have reaped the financial benefits from the markets. What is more important is that, this gives them confidence in their ability to generate money from a free floating market.

I am passionate to mentor my fellow colleagues, traders and anyone who wish to travel the road less traveled with professional guidance

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