Bygones are bygones! Forget how you performed in 2018. Prepare yourselves for an amazing journey in 2019. Take a firm New Year Resolve that you are going to trade smarter than ever before!

We all know from our past experiences that giant resolutions are not gonna work. So let us keep it simple and dimple. Here are some simple resolutions that actually work!

Resolve #1 Master One Trading Strategy

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Bruce Lee, Martial Arts Legend

Knowledge about different trading strategies alone will not bring you success. It is all about how well you execute them. Take up one strategy, learn it in-depth, and apply it with full focus. This will make you a master of that strategy in due course. Mastery of that one strategy is enough to bring you consistent profits. So in this New Year, let the first resolution be to master any ONE strategy that you’ve learnt.

Resolve #2 Track Your Performance

“What gets measured gets managed.” Peter Drucker, Management Guru

To get best results of your first resolve, you need to document your performance every time you execute a strategy. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to keep a Trading Journal as was taught to you in your training program. This journal will help you identify where you scored or where you went wrong, which in turn will help you to overcome your limitations one by one. In short, you will learn as you go.

Resolve #3 Maintain Trading Diary

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle, Hollywood Actor

No strategy will work until and unless you have built a good rapport with the currency pair that you are watching and trading on. Keeping a trading diary is the solution here. Maintaining a trading diary will help to build this rapport whilst helping you to speed up your learning curve. Record the movements of the currency pair in your diary using charts and images. Soon, you will be able to find the right opportunity to trade.

Resolve #4 Manage Your Money Well

“A small leak will sink a great ship.” Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of USA

If you don’t manage money, it will manage you! Take firm steps in 2019 to learn how to manage your money, lest whatever money you would earn by trading will be lost in a matter of days. A crucial factor to winning at forex trading is position sizing. Master this in 2019 using our lot size calculator. We are also developing an interactive tool that will help you calculate the position sizing on the screen itself. Stay tuned, we will keep you posted of its progress!

Resolve #5 Be A Lifelong Learner

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.” Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner

Have you ever wondered how experts make millions a month? Well, not an easy task. You seldom see the effort they put into it! If you analyze them, you will understand that they are all lifelong continuous learners. If they have achieved anything, it is only because of their commitment to learning. So let that be another resolve for you for 2019. As Chanakya, the Indian Machiavelli, rightly pointed out – “If you cannot learn a verse a day, learn half of it; if not, learn a quarter; and if you can’t do even that, then learn at least a word a day!”

Resolve #6 Master Your Emotions

“Individuals who cannot master their emotions are ill-suited to profits.” Benjamin Graham, Mentor of Warren Buffet

Mastering a trading strategy is easier compared to mastering your own mind. Emotions play a vital role in determining success at trading. Take a firm resolve that you will spend at least five minutes a day observing your own mind, identifying reasons for getting emotionally carried away, and taking necessary rectification measures to prevent its recurrence. This self-introspection has the power to rewrite your fortune!

Resolve #7 Self-Manifest Your Destiny

“Affirm it, visualize it, believe it – and it will actualize itself.” Norman Vincent Peale, author of best seller “The Power of Positive Thinking”

Take a firm resolve that if your destiny in the previous years were determined by factors other than you, in the coming year, which is 2019, YOU are going to SELF-MANIFEST the destiny you want. This is possible by employing the techniques of visualization, affirmation, and positive thinking. Do not ever think that you are broke or you are making losses. Instead, think that you are just “pre-rich.” Every negative thought takes you away from profits. Every positive thought takes you closer to profits.

So, are you ready to surge ahead in 2019 with these killer resolutions? Keep us posted of your success!

Price Action Trading – The Key That Opens A Whole New World Of Success

Have you ever thought about the methods and strategies that are followed by banks and huge financial institutions that make consistent gains out of forex/stock market? You will be surprised to know that they seldom depend on indicators; instead, they focus almost entirely on what is called Price Action Trading. Why? Because they know that is where the crux of trading lies!

This article takes you through the whats and whys of the most promising trading strategy – Price Action Trading. But before we move onto that, let us compare average traders and smart traders.

Average Trader vs Smart Trader

An average trader always thinks about which indicator to use, which TV channel to watch, which data to be considered, which news to be followed, etc. Thus he has a lot of things to consider before making a trading decision.

However, the ugly truth is that all this is unnecessary and moreover a total waste of time! All these indicators and channel tips are based on the movement of price. It is the price that moves first. Indicators merely follow them.Hence, they are all lagging. More often than not, as you might have already experienced, by the time you execute a trade based on indicators, the price would have moved even further, and you will end up in a loss!

So, what makes a smart trader smart?

Well, a smart trader thinks how to outsmart all indicators – he learns that ONE THING that provides cues to indicators and thus outperforms them. So, before the indicators reflect, the smart trader knows what would happen in the market. And as goes the old adage, the first man gets the oyster; the second man gets the shell!

The smart trader, therefore, focuses only on one thing and hence has more clarity. In short, he is cool!

Now pause reading and think for a quick second – whose footsteps do you want to follow – the average traders’ or the smart traders’ ?? If your answer is the latter, then read on:

So, what in fact is price action trading in simple terms?

Simply put, price action trading is trading in stock or forex market based on clean price charts.

Now that brings us to the question – what is a price chart? Financial markets around the world create data regarding the upward and downward movement of prices of stocks, currencies, etc. These movements could be the result of government policies, psychology of market players, etc. Therefore, we can say that this financial data is the sum total of all factors influencing the market prices. These data are represented in the form of charts, called price charts.

Analyzing and interpreting these price charts and taking a trading decision on that basis is called price action trading.

Following is an example of a price action chart.

Having understood that, let us now move on to the next big question.

Why should one learn to interpret price action charts?

Forex/stock trading is all about making anticipations. You anticipate what is going to happen in the next moment/day/month/year(s) and execute your trade accordingly. This anticipation becomes easier when there is a pattern involved. And the good thing is that, human behavior vis-à-vis financial market also follows a pattern and these patterns can be identified from the price action charts!

So if you can identify a pattern, then you definitely can anticipate what is about to come. You can foresee if the price of a particular stock or currency is going to go up or go down. This makes interpretation of price action chart all the more important.

Now let us understand a bit more about price action charts.

Which type of price action chart should you use?

Basically, there are two types of price action charts – the ‘clean’ one and the ‘messy’ one.

A ‘clean’ price action chart shows only the price movement and nothing else. Look at the NIFTY 50 chart below; it is a clean chart and hence easy to interpret.

On the other hand, a ‘messy’ price action chart is one that shows price movement along with many other indicators. The presence of too many indicators and too much information makes it very difficult and confusing for a trader to interpret it.

Look at the same NIFTY 50 chart with indicators like Bollinger, RSI, MACD, and Stoch.

The average traders spend considerable time swapping between these indicators to find out a holy grail. But as the chart is messy and cluttered with indicators, they seldom get enough room to make their analysis and interpretations. One indicator would say buy while another one would say sell, resulting in total confusion. More importantly, this gruesome process takes away all the fun in tradingand makes it very stressful.

In short, price action trading involves…..

  • No messy charts
  • No confusing indicators
  • No complexities

Now that we know which chart should be used for best results, we should turn our attention to the million dollar question, which is:

Howto interpret price action charts?

There are several methods of drawing conclusions from a clean price action chart. These are called price action strategies.

For instance, take a look at the image below. You can see high points and low points.

By analyzing the behavior and pattern of these ‘swings,’ we can anticipate what is going to happen next. Another method is to calculate the distance between these swing points to anticipate next price movement. One may also analyze the depth to which the price ofa security is falling down and anticipate future movements.

There are many such price action strategies that can be used to take right trading decisions and make handsome earnings. All these strategies can be learnt and mastered in a step-by-step manner.

Wanna learn to interpret price action charts?

Do you want to be an excellent trader and price action strategist?

If you want to do top quality trading, then you need top quality training as well. Trading is a skill; and just like any other skill, you need to be trained thoroughly before you get results.

At Mithun’s Money Market, we offer training on price action and such other advanced methods in a systematic manner. You may click here toenroll into our online or in-class training programs that we conduct from time to time. Change your destiny with price action trading!

How To Use Price Action With Forex News?

Ever wondered how expert traders in the forex market are making commendable gains pretty easily? Well, the reason is simple – they view things differently! This is especially true when it comes to news releases. Therefore, I will dedicate this session to sharing with you how to make your forex trading easier by making the most of news releases.

Know WHAT Drives The Forex Market

You all know that it is forex news – especially political and financial news – that steers the forex market. Forex market, or for that matter any market, moves based on supply and demand. So whenever there is a news release, it will spur some changes in the market – either positive or negative. These changes then end up having a reflection in the prices. This is how news operates as the driver of forex market.

However, you need to understand one thing. Not all news affects the forex market. Only international macroeconomic events will have an impact on the value of currencies. These include the likes of non-farm payroll, FOMC, central bank interest decisions, etc. The impact that these kinds of news make on US dollar is simply phenomenal.

Know HOW Traders Use News Events

But how can these news releases be an advantage to forex traders? Well, a smart trader can capitalize on any factor that affects the market. He identifies every price movement as an opportunity for using some nice price action strategies and gets benefitted by it. So whenever there is a news release, he is sure that there will be a resultant price movement and will be on his vigil and take trading decisions using appropriate price action strategies.

Know WHAT Is The Ideal Situation

Now imagine a situation where you get some clues about the news that are about to be released next Friday. Will that be of any additional benefit to you?

Yes, isn’t it? Why? Because it helps you to buy or sell sufficiently earlier than other traders. It gives you that much-needed competitive edge over others. Remember the old adage, “early bird catches the biggest worm.”

Now what should you do to become that early bird? There are many things you should do but the single major prerequisite to become early bird is mastery of price action trading.

Why so? Those who have mastered interpreting price action chart can in fact “read the news” from these charts even before they are actually released. I will tell you how.

An ordinary trader will get access to information only when the news is formally released. But by that time, a lot of selling and/or buying might have taken place already. Wondering how? Well, for some section of people, the information that are about to be announced through news releases are handy. They can very well use this information to make their trading decisions. So what the ordinary trader gets as formal news release is in fact a very late realization. And thus he loses the opportunity to gain big from the forex market.

Know HOW To Play Smart

This is where a trained price action strategist can play smart. The buying and selling that I mentioned before (by those who have access to such information) will definitely have its reflection on the price action chart. In other words, the psychology of traders gets reflected in the price action chart. The trained eye of a smart trader who has mastered price action trading can spot this instantly from the chart and can get valuable clues into the nature of what is about to come (whether the news is favorable or unfavorable.) This will definitely help him to make appropriate buying or selling decision and end up as the early bird that catches the biggest worm!

Therefore, a smart trader can capitalize on these changes and improve his performance. In other words, a smart trader uses both fundamental analysis and technical analysis and gets the most out of every situation. This is what I want you to master to trade easier and trade smarter.

Now let us look into some examples to understand this well.

Shown below is the economic calendar chart. The chart displays details of news lists that are about to happen in the coming days. The news item that you should focus on out of this list depends on the currency you wish to trade. News impact is usually divided into high, medium and low impact news represented by red, orange and yellow color respectively.

Let us for instance choose US dollar as the currency to trade. Then Non-Farm Payroll is a major indicator that you should focus on. It is a statistical report that gives information about the total number of paid workers in United States in a month excluding farm, government, private household and NPO employees. The greater the number of employed, the stronger is the economy. Hence, NFP is considered as one of the key economic indicators for the country. Being spectacularly volatile, NFP generates good trading opportunities for all forex traders.

As you can see, there are 3 figures given against NFP under the headings actual, consensus, and previous. The figure given under previous (159) shows the value for the previous month and the figure given under actual (223) shows the value for the current month.

Now let us do some technical analysis by taking a look at the price action charts. The current value being more than consensus and previous, the chart shows a good sign.


The whole system works in an informed fashion. Prior to NFP, price was coming down to the event area and formed an inside bar pattern, which results in the overall trend continuation. Those who know the same could easily take a BUY position from that level or pullback entry. Price has moved around 2200 pips from that level till date.

Now let us take another example.

Shown below is the European Central Bank interest rate decision, which is yet another major influencing factor in forex trade. There was no change in the interest rate and FED chairman had announced that there will not be any interest rate hike decision till 2019. This resulted in a very negative sentiment in the European economy and thus Euro fell down drastically.

And now look at how we did our technical analysis based on price action charts. I had given prior and past weekly updates for getting better clarity.

Pre-News Chart

There was a nice bearish pinbar pattern at the core model 1.18390 – 1.18400 level.
We had mentioned a SELL from the current levels by keeping a stop loss above that core model.

Post-News Chart

As you can see, the price just moved up again, re-testing the levels we mentioned 1.18390 – 1.18400 and then dropped like a stone after the ECB news!

Now let us look at a very important example which underlines the importance of ‘reading news from price action chart’ instead of solely relying on news and rumors. This is a classic example of ironies that happen in forex markets.

Please go through the tweet by ECB chairman where he mentioned that Euro is going to gain strength in the coming days.

However, after the news release, instead of gaining strength, Euro came down drastically! Those who traded based on this news and rumors alone without analyzing the price action chart would have incurred heavy loss by now.

Know WHAT Makes The Difference

Market will absorb the news and forthcoming events as it will be discounted in the markets. Market is the God, it is the supreme entity. Playing with market is like playing with fire. We should never try to outfox the market. Instead, we should remain as a humble disciple of the market and read it like a book and love the whole trading process. The takeaway that awaits you if you follow this approach of reading and interpreting price action context properly is abundant gains and resultant opulence from the forex market.

The key success factor, as you have identified by now, in all these examples is the accuracy with which the price action chart is read and interpreted. To develop this skill, you should muster your skills via thorough professional training. Those who wish to sharpen their price action trading skills and make accurate moves in the forex market can contact us and undergo our comprehensive training and mentoring programs. What awaits you is a whole new world of stable career and sustained growth!

Way of the Trader – One Week, One Shot

Great lessons are always learnt from nature. Nature still remains the biggest and the best teacher of mankind. But, are there any lessons that traders can learn from nature? The answer is a big YES!

Legend has it that once when a monk was taking stroll in the woods, he saw a crane and a snake engaged in a fierce fight. Both of them had different fighting strategies. While the snake kept on attacking, attempting to bite one after the other; the crane remained patient, waited for the right opportunity, and struck the head of the snake using its beaks. Though the attacks of the crane were very few in number, every strike landed exactly on the snake’s head and soon the snake lost the fight and its life.

Why did the crane win? Why did the snake lose?

Well, by making repeated unplanned and unsuccessful attacks, the snake lost its energy while crane wisely preserved all its energy and attacked the most important part of the snake with precision when it got the right opportunity.

This is exactly what traders in share and forex market should do! Success in trading is not determined by the volume of trade that you do, but by its quality. You don’t need to do hundreds of trade a week to make gains from the market. Instead, one good trade a week is only what is needed.

Yes! – ONE WEEK, ONE SHOT – that’s the way of the master trader!

So now comes the most important question –


You can do this by emulating the same strategies that the crane employed in its fight against the snake.

• Preserve Your Resources: First of all, the crane had enough power within it to attack the snake; it preserved its power by not engaging in unnecessary attempts. Similarly, this minimalistic trading strategy works best when you have solid resources with you. Your resources are your money, time, and energy. Do not waste them by over-trading. With a good set of resources, one good trade will bring you huge profits.

• Mind Your Mind: Next, you should be emotionally disciplined like the crane. The crane did not lose its cool seeing the repeated attacks of the snake. It kept itself calm and composed. It waited patiently for the right opportunity. Similarly, your mind should also not fluctuate seeing the happenings in the market. You should wait patiently and observe the market with great focus to identify the right opportunity to enter and place the trade. To make the right decision, you may use the trading plans and check lists that Mithun has prepared for you.

• Plan Your Act: Another key factor for the crane’s success was that it had a well-thought out plan for attack. The crane was very clear in its mind that it is going to attack the most vital part of the snake – the head. Similarly, you should also have clarity regarding the plan that you are going to adopt for your minimalistic trading. Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program teaches you many workable strategies which you can learn with ease. You may use any of those and chart out a plan for your trade.

• Act Your Plan: Having a great strategy alone will not bring you results. Equally important is how you execute the plan. The crane won because none of its strikes missed the target. Likewise, you should also execute your plan with surgical precision. This requires professional execution skills. This is exactly the reason why Mithun’s share/forex trading training program comes with an additional two-month mentoring support wherein the participants perfect their execution skills with the help of experts. If you are not a professionally trained trader, you would do better if you undergo any such training.

Now let us look into some examples of such trading using the crane strategy.

Example #1

Shown below is the screenshot of Australian Dollar. I gave clear tips on what is to be expected in the coming days.

As expected, the price went up from this level. It moved a whooping 1800 points! Those who paid heed to my advice benefitted big time from this movement.

Example #2

Here is another example of Swiss Franc. This happened last Friday. As always, I gave advice on what to expect and how to move about in the coming days.

And the price moved as expected. Once again, those who gave ear to my advice stood to gain big time. Shown below is the performance of one such trader who gained from this strategy. The trader made a handsome gain of INR 2,00,000 with just one trade. This is the power of the crane strategy – just one single shot at the right time!

If all the steps discussed above are taken correctly, results are bound to occur. With this minimalistic trading strategy, you will be placing only 52 trades a year, but that will be bringing you more profits than several unfocussed and unplanned attempts.

A thorough knowledge of these strategies and perfectly honed execution skills are the key to success here.

• Those who wish to learn how I use these strategies can enrol for my training programs where I teach several such strategies that are unique and that actually work in the market.

• I am also getting lot of requests from those who attended my programs for a refresher course. I welcome all of them for the specially designed refresher course where you can revisit all these strategies, keep abreast of the latest trends, and hone your execution skills. Remember, there is no substitute to practice!Share on social media Share on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Linkedin

Mithun’s Success Story

A journey through the ups and downs of a successful trader

Here’s the story of an ordinary man who achieved great success in the share/forex market. Mithun was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but to an orthodox family and had a very modest upbringing. He had nothing exciting or extraordinary in his life to claim about.

But today, Mithun is a trading hero. He is a perfect example of how to become financially successful in life without investing lots of money.

How did Mithun become successful at trading? What helped him to surge ahead in this field? If you are curious to know about all these, then read on – you are about to know realistic story of how a common man – like our next door neighbor – got to the elite trading class through his own perseverence and attitude.

Phase I – The Beginning

Since his early childhood, Mithun was someone who believed in his own abilities. In fact, he believes that anybody can achieve anything if given proper time and effort. So, taking inspiration from his mother, he decided to go ahead in the field of stock/forex trading.

Mithun might not have had a million when he decided to trade high, but what what he had was a perfect game plan. He took his time and decided to prepare thoroughly. He attended trainings in different parts of the world. But he knew that that was not enough. So he undertook a daunting task of analyzing the thinking pattern and trading style of successful traders around the world. This careful analysis helped him to conclude crucial factors that lead to his success at forex/stock market. We may call this the first phase of Mithun’s journey to becoming a successful trader.

Phase II – Self-Mentoring

Having identified these attributes, he then started the painstaking journey of building those attributes in himself. He changed his trading style, developed a trading philosophy of his own, and started following it and perfecting it. This slowly started showing results. These results encouraged him. He developed new strategies for trading in different markets. Soon, outstanding results began to show up. Mithun says there was no looking back from that point onwards. Within a reasonable time, he achieved the numbers that he had set as standard for defining his financial success.

Phase III – Mentoring Others

However, Mithun was not contented with that. To quote him, “No success is real success unless you make changes in the lives of other people.” So he started thinking “How can I help others to make money like I do?” This led him to think about sharing his knowledge and skill with budding traders and those having a passion for trading but did not know what to do. He first started by giving tips to fellow traders and encouraging his friends to step into the world of stock trading. This attempt benefitted many people.

However, there was one major drawback for this. Mithun found that his fellow traders are heavily dependent on him and his tips for good performance. Moreover, these individual accounts were small and their expectations high. Giving personal attention to each of these individuals was an exhaustive task and drained him of his time and energy.

For a moment, he thought his decision to help others was not a good one and that it has backfired! But then he realized an important thing – to quote him, “I realized that I was simply giving them fish instead of teaching them how to fish!” So he decided to change his strategy. He adopted a two-pronged approach:
• Mentor individuals to become expert traders who can trade on their own
This thought gave birth to what you see today as Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program.

• Use time and effort for managing corporate funds instead of individual funds
This thought helped him to progress further in his career.

Phase IV – Proprietary Trading

Mithun started managing corporate funds with good results. However, he wanted to challenge himself and achieve more. So he set a goal for 2016 and built a fool-proof strategy to achieve that. As a result, in 2016, Mithun showcased a stunning performance that helped him achieve his goal in 6 months! You may go through Mithun’s performance statistics for year 2016 given below:

This performance took him to the global level. Mithun became a trader that other global traders started looking up to and following. Seeing his consistent awesome performance, he was invited to Dubai by a reputed fund managing company to work as their propreitary trader! This really was a recognition for his skills and knowledge in the industry as a successful trader.

His experience as a proprietary trader gave him unique wisdom on forex trading. On identifying this, he wasted no time to include this in his Master Mentoring Program. This totally changed the results that his trainees got. They started showing consistent gains with minimal risks. Over the past two years, the results have only grown better and better – and now his training has reached a level where he has started producing traders who even doubled their investment in just 2 weeks!! You can see the performance of one such trader below:

So how does Mithun achieve such success? Let’s hear it from his own face.

“Well, there are no short-cuts to success. One has to learn different risk management, money management, and self-management in order to achieve success.”

He continued…. “I attribute my success to three main factors:
• The mentoring that I received – I was lucky to get trained by my mentors who had global exposure
• The systematic step-by-step method that I developed for risk minimization – I still follow that
• The higher level of emotional discipline that I maintain”

And he is teaching exact same things that he followed in his life to become a successful trader. He does not preach what he has not practiced. To quote him again, “If it worked for me, then it should work for others as well.”

Fabulous Win by MMM Student

Mithun’s Money Market continues its success story. Look at the images below, what a fantastic win by MMM student!

This is the story of a trainee who underwent share/forex trading training along with 3 months’ mentorship program offered by Mithun’s Money Market. After completing the mentorship program, he went on to invest $2,000 and started trading in the forex market. Applying the skills & strategies he picked up at the mentoring session, he made a profit of $700!! (Around INR 50,000)

The results speak for themselves!

Mithun’s Money Market is redefining the winning habit of traders around the world.

Success Secrets of Mithun’s Money Market Traders

So, how do our traders attain such awesome success?

The answer is simple – They cultivate certain habits and follow certain notable strategies of successful traders. Here are three of them.

Success Secret #1 –Winners Use Check Lists & Trading Plan

Winners will always have a plan for everything they do. Our traders use the Winners’ Check List and Trading Plan devised by Mithun’s Money Market for both forex as well as stock market.

So, how does it work?

This basically evaluates every trading setup and separates the favorable ones from the unfavorable ones. Different criteria to initiate a share/forex trade are listed therein. The trader will then evaluate a given market situation by assigning numerical values to each criterion. If the sum total of all these numerical values goes beyond 80th percentile, then they enter the market and initiate the trade. The result would be a winning transaction!

Success Secret #2 – Winners Use Plenty of Psychology

Trading is an area where psychology plays an important role. A firm grip on psychology and behavior patterns will help traders to restrict failures to the minimum. A good trader therefore carefully observes and strives to inculcate habits of highly successful share/forex traders.

Winners use psychology in two different ways:

  • They strive to understand how their mind works and transforms it to change their thinking habits to suit the market conditions.
  • They try to anticipate how other traders in the market would think and behave in a given situation, and based on that, they make their wise decisions.

This is an important factor that gives them a winning edge over others.

Success Secret #3 – Winners Use Intuition Appropriately

Another important factor that distinguishes consistent winners from their counterparts is their ability to make good use of their gut feelings. This is a skill that cannot be taught completely. Successful traders and mentors can only share their experiences so as to give an idea to others on how to use their intuition. Seasoned traders, through their observation and experience, learn how to use the right proportion of intuition in trading. They appropriately integrate their intuition and inference together – or in other words, use both sides of their brain together to strike a winning note.

These are some of the strategies that winners use to ensure long term consistent results. These are time-tested formulae of success. Applying them appropriately will definitely bring in favorable results.

In A Nutshell…..

If you are not getting consistent favorable results, then it is time to ask yourself two important questions:–

  • “Am I using these successful strategies in my trade?”
  • “Do I have the attributes of a successful trader?”

These are two queries that have the potential to change your life!

If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of these questions, then it is time for you to execute a corrective plan.

Come, join us! We will help you foster these winning attributes through our Master Mentoring Program.

Dare To Think Beyond A Regular Job?

A concerning conversation with youngsters

Last month, I was addressing a group of youngsters who approached me to learn how to make money online. When I inquired their primary reason for this move, I was surprised to find that even after 10 years into their respective jobs, they have not been able to close their educational loan!

“Why?” I asked surprisingly.

The answer obviously was an unpleasant one. One of them said, “Sir, I got laid off twice.”

“What??” I was intrigued this time because that guy had a post graduate degree from an internationally reputed institution.

I moved on to the other guy who said “Sir, my job is not paying me enough, I need to make money online to repay by educational loan.”

This was the shock of my life. Someone who is working in a reputed company is still struggling to pay off his educational debts..!! I didn’t know what to say. I remained silent for a few seconds thinking about the fate of these educated and enterprising youngsters.

The reality of today’s job market

Let’s first summarize from the above incident:

  • Tuition fees for outstanding academic courses are hiking too fast
  • Jobs are not paying as good as they used to be in the past
  • There is no job guarantee for anyone
  • You need to find an additional source of money
  • You can barely think of living a happy and satisfied life

What do we conclude?

Friends, this is the reality – the job guarantee days are gone…. It is extremely tough for youngsters to find a good job or to draw a good salary. Gone are the days where you could earn a fat pay cheque with a good academic qualification! We need to accept the reality … and fight it.

It is time that you rethink about your career and your money making options. Or else, you too will be doomed to misery.

So, what is the solution?

For every problem, there is a solution

Well, the solution here is that you should dare to think beyond landing in a regular job! Think about other sources of income – like what those youngsters did.

But how?

Well, if you dare to think beyond regular job, then there are several options to make money online. Choosing online options to make additional income has several advantages over other conventional options like working two jobs, starting a business, etc. Making money online is a lot convenient and less financially challenging than other options. However, don’t put your money without studying the options properly.

For any online money making option to work well for you, 4 major criteria should be met:

  1. It should be a proven way of making money online…..
  2. ……That doesn’t need a heavy investment…
  3. That doesn’t consume a lot of your valuable time
  4. …………and that which would yield you a better income

Or else, you will lose the whole time and money that you invested in it.

This is where I step in. And I have a master plan for you!

My core area is stock trading. I will teach you how to make money online from stock trading. … And I will share my secrets – secrets about how I made money online – with you.

Yes, you heard it right.

I am determined to make a positive change in your life. Are you ready?

If your answer is yes, then you have to “set some things right.”

Lay Foundation To Make Money Online

Set the right attitude: First and foremost, you should be realistic when you approach me. I don’t do any magic. What I do is purely rational. I cannot make you rich overnight. But I will teach you what stock trading is, how to analyze which stocks to be bought or sold, how you should trade in stocks, etc. You should apply these techniques well, expecting for higher returns.

Set aside time to learn: Manage your time efficiently and find a couple of extra hours to learn the art of making money online. Stock trading is not rocket science. Anyone with reasonable intelligence can learn it by spending 2 hours every day.

Set aside some money: What I offer is a high-end professional course that can change your future. Such quality stuff comes with a price. However, this is way too lower than the investment you already made in your education which you are now trying hard to repay. Besides the professional coaching fees, you should also have enough money to start trading in the stock market.

With these three things set, you can start laying foundation for making money online.

Unique Takeaways….

In my mentoring course, I will be sharing;

If you learn these well and apply them appropriately with the right attitude, then you will:

  • Start earning money online without resigning from your current job
  • Learn a skill that is going to useful for your entire life
  • Never have to worry about losing your job
  • Be able to pay your debts without undue delay

Learn how to trade in stock market and it will help you to get ahead faster in your life and your career.

So if you do not want to spend your entire life trying to pay off your educational loan or whining about not being able to live a life you always wanted, then come to me – I’ll show you the most effective way to make money online!

The Best Way To Multiply Your Investment Using Rule of 72

Looking to multiply your investment? Then here is a secret that banks don’t want you to know!

That secret is the rule of 72, also called the secret of 72. It is a simple mathematical formula with which you can multiply your investment.

By applying this rule, you can excel better than from any other method. And most importantly, this method works every time! The only precondition is that you should understand this rule well and act accordingly.

Rule Of 72

This rule states that if you divide the number 72 by the rate of interest on your investment, then you will get the number of years it will take to double your investment.

72 rule

Let us suppose that you invested 1,00,000 as fixed deposit in your bank at 8% rate of interest. You will be able to double this investment only after 9 years.

Why Fixed Deposits Aren’t A Better Option?

There are some other reasons why fixed deposits are not a better option.

Let’s go back tot the above example. You already saw that it takes 9 years for you to get twice your investment money. In addition to that, by the time you get that money,

  • Cost of living would increase
  • Inflation would increase
  • Bank rates would go down

So from this, it is very clear that even if you multiply your money by choosing the fixed deposit route, it will not have the same value when you actually get the multiplied amount in your hand.

So, let’s look at some other options at multiplying your money.

(1) Work hard, earn a promotion, and earn a better salary.

At first look, this sounds good and safe….but wait a minute! This is not gonna work. With the increasing pressure in work culture, robots devouring our jobs, companies getting downsized, and salary being reduced regularly, this definitely won’t take you near your goal of multiplying your wealth.

(2) Invest in real estate and sell at a better price.

The future of real estate business is very bleak. It is becoming lesser and lesser attractive day by day. Liquidity is the main challenge here. Also, it is very difficult to find the right buyers. So doubling your savings is completely out of the picture.

So what do you do?

A Good Option To Multiply Your Investment

There is a much better and quicker option available to you – and that is to invest in stock markets! This is a good option to multiply your investment at a comparatively faster rate. For instance, see the below example/graph.

It shows that if you can make at least 24%, then you will get twice your investment in as early as 3 years. Or in other words, you can double your investment every 3 years!

On a different note, if you invest 1,00,000 in fixed deposit with an interest rate of 8%, then it would yield only 7,00,000 after 22 years. On the other hand, if you could earn at least 24% on this investment, then what awaits you after 22 years is 1,30,00,000!! Wow!  1.3 crores! That is the power of compounding and those who realize it make it !

But is that achievable?

Yes, it is! You can learn various stock market trading strategies that will help you to earn such huge returns on investment. And the fact remains that many traders are making more than this rate by investing in stock market. They achieve this fete because,

  • They learn stock market trading thoroughly before entering the market
  • They focus on executing those learnt strategies well
  • They exercise a great deal of patience while trading in stock market
  • They don’t get dejected at occasional losses
  • They don’t get carried away with stock market gains

Anyone who can follow these five golden rules can hope to earn higher returns and thus multiply their return on investment at a faster rate. Experienced traders earn 30% to 40% returns on their investment. The key is to think in terms of quarterly or yearly gains. The main problem for non-achievement of this fete is that many who step in to the world of stock trading lack a long-term vision and are discontinuing it after a certain period of time.

This rule is applicable irrespective of the size of your initial investment. Even if you are starting with an investment that is as modest as 1,000, you still can multiply that initial investment by following the above rules.

How To Achieve This Fete?

For this, you need to do two kinds of investment:

  • Invest in stocks
  • And more importantly, invest in yourself!

Yes! You have to invest in yourself to gain the skill to multiply your money. It is a skill that you can master. This is a skill that you can use your entire life. It will remain an asset to you for ever. You don’t need to depend on anybody else for multiplying your money. You don’t have to risk your money with someone else.

Benefits Of Learning How To Get 200% Return On Your Investment

Learning how to trade is like learning to fish than buying fish from the market. If you learn how to fish, then you don’t have to spend on fishes anymore. You can catch as many fishes as you want. Similarly, if you learn to trade in stock market, then you can multiply your money at your wish! You will understand how the price of a stock moves. This will help you to make money in two ways – by buying and by selling. Whatever happens in the stock market – whether the price goes up or goes down – you will stand to gain! You can make profit in both these scenarios.

For someone who has undergone training in stock market trading, this 24% rate of return or in other words, multiplying of investment is not a big thing. Yes, you read it right; EARNING 24% IS NOT A BIG THING! Because you can earn much bigger than that if you learn profitable strategies like price action trading. Look at the performance statistic link below:


This shows how our traders and investors who have undergone Mithun’s Master Mentoring Program have earned higher returns from leverage trading ! This is a clear indication that our price action strategies are working well. This is how traders earn more than double their investment.

They could achieve this because they;

  • Understood the rule of 72
  • Invested their time and effort in learning stock market trading
  • Exhibited good presence of mind
  • Mastered the skill of trading through their dedication and commitment.

If you too would like to follow their path and multiply your investment, then you have three options in front of you:

  1. Learn To Trade: Enroll now itself for an intensive course on how to trade in stock market. You will get to learn several rules, strategies, and tips that will help you to multiply your investment.
  2. Build Portfolio: Build a portfolio on stocks with good growth prospects. You can split your savings into these stocks. As the performance of these portfolios increase, you will start getting higher returns on your investment.
  3. Seek Our Service: We are willing to lend you a helping hand to build your portfolio! We understand the pulse of the market and the way it moves. So you can always approach us anytime and we will help you to build a strong portfolio.

My #1 Trading Strategy – Swing Trading

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is the number 1 method that has brought me profits. And so today, I will tell you about this wonderful trading method. This applies to stocks, commodity as well as forex markets.

First of all, I’ll tell you what the term ‘swing trading’ means.

Swing trading is a trading method wherein the stock/forex trader holds the assets for more than a day in order to make profit from the price changes. The price of a stock, as you know, always keeps on changing – sometimes it goes up and at other times it comes down. This upward and downward movement of the price of a stock is called price changes. A ‘swing therefore is nothing but the complete movement of the price (or change of price) of a stock from one point to another (or from one price to another.) This movement can be either an upward movement (when the price of a stock rises) or a downward movement (when the price of a stock falls.) Based on this swing, the trader determines whether to buy or sell a particular stock.

The chart given below will help you to understand this concept better.

Image result for swing trading

In swing trading, the trader patiently waits for the right opportunity to enter/exit the stock market. Hence, this is also called ‘opportunistic trading.’ A swing trader analyses swing charts and identifies the best time to buy a stock. Then he waits patiently for the next best opportunity to sell the same. This waiting period may vary anywhere from two days to two weeks.

Image result for stock market is a device

As the trader does not do the trading frequently, but rather kept to the minimum, this method is also called “minimalist trading.” In other words, in swing trading, the trader makes money by ‘sitting’ and not trading.

Image result for money is made by sitting not trading

Now let’s come back to how you can profit from this stock trading strategy.

How to do swing trading?

Do you know how I use this method? I anticipate the next movement of price or ‘swing’ of a particular stock in the market and make my decision to buy or sell accordingly. And my anticipation in more than 90% cases comes true!


Because I anticipate the movement by analyzing these things:

  • Price trends
  • Present levels
  • Stock charts
  • Chart patterns

Reading and interpreting these things help me to rightly anticipate the next movement or ‘swing’ of the price of a particular stock.

This is a skill that can be learnt. Hence, I teach them to passionate traders across the world through my master mentoring program.

Why I recommend swing trading?

I recommend swing trading because,

  • You need to spend only less time
  • You need to pay only less brokerage fees
  • You get more solid money
  • You are not stressed up
  • You get more clarity in your decisions
  • You get a better overview about the market

Now I will show you some interesting charts.

The 2 charts below shows the ‘swing’or movement of price. Look at the price of the stock in the first chart.

Idea – 2016 – Monthly Chart (Old)

swing trading

Based on my interpretation and anticipation, I had provided weekly updates to my clients of the right time to act. Those who took my advice gained a return of 76% on this swing. See the chart below:

Idea – 2016 – Monthly Chart (New)

swing trading

Now do you realize what swing trading can do to your money?

Wait…. don’t go…. I will show you one more example.

Look at the price of this stock.

Crude Oil – 2017 – Monthy Chart (Old)

swing trading

Now look at what happened to the price after 3 weeks.

The price moved from 55 levels to 61 in a complete swing movement. It has extended that move even to 66. My clients, who are experts in pyramiding techniques, easily compounded their equity.

Crude Oil – 2018 – Monthy Chart (New)

swing trading

……….. And if that’s not enough, then here is yet another one!

Asian Paints – 2017 – Daily Chart (Old)

swing trading

This was the initial position.

Asian Paints – 2018 – Daily Chart (New)

swing trading

And this is what happened after a week. The price moved and gained a return of 6% in just 1 week!

This is the reason why I recommend swing trading to you all. This is the best method of stock trading whereby you can multiply your money.

I will summarize the advantages here for you:

  • Swing trading needs only 1-2 hours for analyzing and trading. So, there is no need to sit for longer hours in front of the computer.
  • Swing trading involves very few transactions. So, you incur less cost with respect to brokerage, taxes, etc.
  • Swing trading can be done without resigning your job. So, you can use swing trading as a secondary source of income.

And the most encouraging thing is that this method can be learnt fast! I have handpicked the best practices from my 10 years of experience in this field and converted them into a result-oriented trading course. It will give you better results than any other method available. It will help you multiply your income faster. Try it out yourself!

Mithun’s Success Story With Stock Trading

Today, I will share my story with you. This is the story of my journey from making losses to tripling my income every year. This is the story of how stock trading changed my life…… and how it can change your life too!

How It All Started?

I am Mithun Girishan, an ex-software engineer by profession. I grew up watching my mom trading in stock market. This kindled my interest in stock market from a very early stage. But the one thing that really motivated me to enter into stock trading was when my mom built the first floor of my house exclusively from the sales proceeds of her shares in a banking company. This is when I realized how valuable and how profitable stock trading is. This was a great motivator…. And it changed my life.

Initial Days In Stock Trading

Soon, I started trading in stock market. Back in those days, there was no internet facility and no TV channels for traders. Information was hard to come by. So, I meticulously prepared notes based on the information gathered from newspapers, magazines, etc. I was making gains, but could not keep losses at bay. This is when I made two important realizations:

  • Stock trading is all about knowing when to enter and when to exit the stock market
  • 80% of stock trading is about perfect money management

That is when I decided not to rely entirely on broker’s tips and advises. I was convinced that I needed some professional grooming if I were to make sustainable gains.

Life-Changing Realizations

That was the time when I got placed in a reputed IT company. My career in this field took me to Singapore. This was a great opportunity for me to undergo some hardcore mentoring in stock trading. I enrolled myself for a stock trading course which gave me newer insights.

I learnt a couple of valuable lessons from this mentoring program:

  • Understanding how the price of a share moves is the key to success in stock markets
  • Understanding what happens at the backend is what helps you to make the right move

That’s when I decided to learn more about price action trading.

I used my free time to study the market behavior through price action charts. Soon, I developed my own method of reading and interpreting the charts. This made me independent and I started trading purely on this basis. It yielded unprecedented success! This boosted my confidence manifold. In fact, I should say that this strategy opened the gates to the world of professional trading to me.

The three important things that I realized at this stage were:

  • Trading indicators and brokers do not always give you all the tips you need
  • You actually don’t need the help of any trading indicators
  • Raw analysis is enough to make consistent gains

Stock Trading Success Followed

Then, there was no looking back. I started making consistent gains. My passion towards stock trading increased day by day. I wanted to devote more time for my passion and learn more about the markets. I realized that stock markets are a reflection of what happens in the world – know the market, know the world. So I decided to quit my job and devote my time fully for my passion.

This further increased my success. By 2016, I got 50 times my investment. This is the biggest success I have achieved in my life so far and the key factor in this was opportunistic trading based on my unique strategies.

Birth of Mentoring Program

Soon, my friends and colleagues, who were struggling with stock trading, started approaching me for stock tips. I was more than happy to share a few tips with them. It was something they have never heard before. And these tips proved to be very useful for them. It changed their life! They too started making profits without having to exert much and without having to spend hours and hours watching how stocks move.

Everyone liked my way of opportunistic trading. That is when I thought I should consolidate these tips and offer them as a mentoring program to interested people. That’s how the MMM Mentoring Program was born.

In my mentoring program,

  • I’ve included all my unique trading strategies that I have developed and tried over these years
  • I’ve presented the trading strategies in a simplified form so as to suit even a complete beginner

Since all these tips are made available through my mentoring program, it won’t take much time for anyone to start making gains from the share market.

This is my success story. Now I am able to double or triple my investment every year and have solid investments in many reputed companies all over the world. You too can achieve this fete if you follow my strategies. Are you interested? If yes, then click here to take the most important first step towards success.